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Brado launches operation in Anápolis

Nov, 17, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Brado will officially inaugurate its operations branch in Anápolis on November 30, within “Centro Oeste” West Dry Port. The launch event will bring together key clients, suppliers, and partners, celebrating the connection between Goiás and the Port of Santos. “It will be an opportunity for our stakeholders to get a close look at the company’s new operation, which is already gaining ground in various markets, such as cotton and agricultural inputs,” says Daniel Salcedo, Commercial Director at Brado.

Since the first train left Santos and arrived in Anápolis on September 25 this year, carrying inputs for the industry and imported agricultural defenses, there have been four more trips in the same direction. Another four have departed from Anápolis towards Santos, carrying mainly cotton for export, vegetable glycerin, and grains.


Brado anticipates avoiding 160,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions over the next five years. This is the equivalent of more than 34,500 vehicles emitting pollution. This volume would require 1.1 million trees to absorb completely.

Another benefit of the operation is that it reduces truck travel distances. Truck drivers have a higher quality of life because they travel shorter distances, reducing the number of road accidents. Cargo gains security in the railway section solution, which reduces transport losses, theft, and robbery. Multimodal transportation also improves regularity, operational efficiency, and competitiveness, particularly over long distances.

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