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Argentina’s Lithium Exports Spike to Highest Level Since 2012

Mar, 17, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Argentina’s mining exports in 2022 have hit a major milestone, bringing in over US$3.86 billion, the highest level for the country since 2012. The surge in exports was primarily driven by a remarkable 234% increase in lithium exports, which amounted to US$696 million. The country has retained its position as one of the top five lithium producers, ranking fourth globally.

Analysts are forecasting that demand for lithium will remain high, while suppliers struggle to keep up. Governments around the world are racing to secure their supply chains and incentivize the development of a lithium supply chain independent of China. However, competition for these strategic new energy minerals is fierce, and China remains a significant player in the market.

Argentina’s prominence in the lithium market has attracted the attention of many developers and producers, including Lithium South Development Corporation, Allkem Limited, Alpha Lithium Corporation, Livent Corporation, and Sigma Lithium in Brazil.

Lithium South Development Corporation is one of the prominent players in Argentina’s lithium market. The company is developing the Hombre Muerto North Lithium Project (HMN Li Project) in Salta Province and working to expand its M+I resource of 571,000 tonnes Li2CO3 equivalent. 

Source: Electrikez

To read the original report, access: https://www.electrikez.com/argentinas-lithium-exports-spike-to-highest-level-since-2012-marking-over-usd3-86-billion-in-2022/

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