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ANTAQ Director Explores Green Energy Initiatives at Europort 2023 in Rotterdam

Nov, 13, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Wilson Lima Filho, director of the National Waterway Transportation Agency (ANTAQ), took center stage at the Brazil Network Day during Europort 2023 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. His presentation delved into ANTAQ’s role in seeking new clean energy sources for Brazilian ports.

Lima Filho provided an overview of ANTAQ’s current projects and environmental concerns, emphasizing the agency’s focus on studies related to emerging clean energy sources like hydrogen and ammonia. The director underscored the crucial role of port participation in these initiatives, emphasizing ANTAQ’s commitment to the Brazil-Port relationship, energy transition, and carbon emission reduction.

Speaking about the significance of ANTAQ’s role, Lima Filho stated, “The mission was vital in presenting our main activities aimed at energy transition, carbon emission reduction, and measures to enhance port operations.”

As part of the international mission under the Green Ports Partnership program, the ANTAQ delegation visited the port and inland navigation channel in Rotterdam, along with the Dutch research center Deltares. During this visit, the director reiterated the importance of strengthening ties between Brazil and the Dutch city, known for its energy transition and port-city relations expertise.

“We visited a terminal in the port of Rotterdam and saw that there is still much to navigate. ANTAQ plays a crucial role in actions related to energy transition in Brazil. We know that the country’s future lies in the sea and inland waters,” Lima Filho commented.

Europort 2023, held from November 7 to 10, is an international maritime industry exhibition with around 1,000 exhibitors, serving as a focal point in the global maritime agenda. The event witnessed the participation of the Ambassador of the Netherlands, Fernando Silva Magalhães, Ceará Governor Elmano Freitas, and various representatives from the Federal Government and the private sector.

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