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Another 25 refrigerators authorized to export to China

Sep, 09, 2019 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

Week 201937

Brazil will sell more meat to China, with another 25 refrigerators receiving authorization. On Monday (09/09), the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply (MAPA) received a statement from GACC, the Chinese health agency, informing the qualification of these plants for the export of meat to the Asian country.

Of the 25 authorized refrigerators, 17 are of beef production, six chicken, one pork, and one donkey. Companies can start exporting immediately. With the decision of the Chinese health agency, the number of plants enabled goes from 64 to 89.

Negotiations for GACC to expand the number of Brazilian refrigerators authorized to export to China were conducted by MAPA in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Brazilian Embassy in Beijing.

In May, Minister Tereza Cristina and her entourage traveled to China and other Asian countries to expand the sale of Brazilian agricultural products.

Check out the list of establishments authorized by China (Federal Inspection Service, establishment, and municipality):

93 – Cooperativa dos Produtores de Carne e Derivados de Gurupi – Gurupi (TO)
112 – Rio Maria Refrigerator – Rio Maria (PA)
411 – Redentor Refrigerator – Guarantã Do Norte (MT)
431 – Minerva – Palmeira De Goiás (GO)
791 – Minerva S/A – Rolim De Moura (RO)
941 – Barra Mansa Comércio De Carnes E Derivados LTDA – Sertãozinho (SP)
1440 – Agroindustrial Iguatemi Eirelli – Iguatemi (MS)
1751 – Marfrig Global Foods – Tangará Da Serra (MT)
1811 – Naturafrig Alimentos Ltda – Barra Do Bugres (MT)
2015 – Marfrig Global Foods – Várzea Grande (MT)
2437 – Masterboi Ltda – São Geraldo Araguaia (PA)
2583 – Frigol – Água Azul Do Norte (PA)
3215 – Plena Alimentos S.A – Paraíso Do Tocantins (TO)
3941 – Agroindustrial De Alimentos S.A – Rondonópolis (MT)
3974 – Naturafrig – Rochedo (MS)
4490 – Vale Grande Indústria E Comércio De Alimentos – Matupá (MT)
4554 – Mercúrio Alimentos – Castanhal (PA)

664 – Cooperativa Central Aurora Alimentos – Mandaguari (PR)
802 – Coasul Cooperativa Agroindustrial – São João (PR)
926 – Rio Branco Alimentos S.A – Visconde Do Rio Branco (MG)
1860 – Gonçalves E Tortola S.A – Paraíso Do Norte (PR)
3515 – BRF – Lucas Do Rio Verde (MT)
4087 – Granjeiro Alimentos Ltda – Rolândia (PT)

3515 – BRF S.A – Lucas Do Rio Verde (MT)

46 – Nordeste Pecuária, Indústria E Comércio Ltda – Amargosa (BA)

The following graph, based on DataLiner data, shows meat exports from Brazil to China from January 2015 to July 2019:

Graph Source: Datamar/DataLiner

Article Sources: Agência Brasil and Ministério da Agricultura


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