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Agribusiness exports reach a record US$ 10.9 billion in August

Sep, 14, 2021 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

Week 202136

The agribusiness trade balance reached record levels in August, driven mainly by the rise in international prices of commodities exported by Brazil. The exported value was US$ 10.90 billion, a figure 26.7% higher than the US$ 8.60 billion exported in the same month last year.  The amount is equivalent to the amount exported during the whole of 2013.

Despite the record in value exported, agribusiness as a percentage of the country’s total exports dropped slightly from 49.4% (August/2020) to 40.1% (August/2021).

Imports of agribusiness products rose from US$912.47 million in August 2020 to US$1.25 billion in August 2021 (+37.2%). The values ​​were influenced by the rise in international prices, as in the case of wheat and palm oil, with an increase in the average imported price of 23.1% and 67.6%, respectively. As a result, the balance of trade in agribusiness reached US$ 9.64 billion.

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