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Açu Port Opens Dedicated Grain Storage Facilities

Jul, 08, 2024 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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On July 4th, Açu Port in northern Rio de Janeiro inaugurated two warehouses specifically for storing grains such as soybeans and corn, addressing the growing needs of agribusiness. The Minas Port group invested R$104 million in these facilities, which have a storage capacity of 70,000 tons. The agreement between Açu Port and Minas Port spans 20 years.

Previously, Açu Port handled grain cargo in a multi-purpose terminal that also processed other products like oil and iron ore. According to Prumo, the port’s controller, the new grain-specific warehouses are expected to enhance operational efficiency. “Finally, the State of Rio enters the agricultural logistics map,” said Rogério Zampronha, president of Prumo.

Eugenio Figueiredo, president of Açu Port, noted that the port had anticipated expanding its grain operations only after establishing a railway connection. However, the inauguration of the warehouses signifies a significant step toward attracting more agribusiness clients. “These warehouses are the first step towards expanding the port’s agribusiness customer base,” Figueiredo said.

Currently, distribution logistics at the port rely on highways, but plans are underway to construct a railway. Figueiredo also mentioned that Açu Port aims to build a dedicated unit for grain ships, with the new warehouses marking an expansion of the multi-cargo terminal. By the end of the year, the port hopes to increase its handling capacity further.

In 2023, the multi-cargo terminal managed 2.1 million tonnes. Açu’s goal is to reach 5 million tonnes by expanding its capacity, enabling the simultaneous operation of two ships. The new warehouses will also handle mineral coal and gypsum, offering storage services to agricultural sector clients. Minas Port will distribute fertilizers and mineral coal, primarily to Minas Gerais and Goiás.

Marcelo Marra, president of the Minas Port group, highlighted the port’s advantage over others, noting that customers will have a dedicated docking window to reduce ship costs and avoid waiting lines. “Trucks arrive at Açu with grains and return with cargo, such as fertilizers, reducing costs for contractors by around 20%,” Marra said.

Looking ahead to 2025, Minas Port plans to install a fertilizer mixer in Açu with a R$200 million investment. Marra explained that this would streamline the process: “Today, raw materials arriving through ports need to go to a factory. With Açu’s potential as an industrial port, we can consolidate steps and enhance efficiency,” he said.

Source: Globo Rural

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