Trade Balance Brazil – Canada

Nov, 16, 2018

Datamar was in the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce, where the company had the opportunity to show data on the trade balance between the two countries.

According to Andrew Lorimer, information on DataLiner , a product offered by Datamar, is in line with the government figures. Throughout this year, import and export showed recovery that started in the container market – the handling of containerized cargo grew by around 30% in 2018.

According to Datamar’s presentation at the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce, the ten largest Brazilian exports of TEU containers to Brazil are coffee, poultry, granite, various materials and products, tea, wood, iron, sugar, fruits (mango and guava) and steel. When it comes to import, the leading products are newspaper stock, various materials and products, peat, lentils, polymers and ethylenes, seeds, paper and cardboard rolls, peas and conifer pulp.

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