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YPFB intends to buy Petrobras stake in Bolivia-Brazil gas pipeline

Jul, 10, 2019 Posted by datamarnews

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YPFB, a Bolivian state oil company, plans to acquire a larger stake in the natural gas pipeline linking Bolivia to Brazil. The goal is to ensure better conditions for fuel sales.

According to Reuters, YPFB intends to tender an unidentified portion of the interest that Petrobras holds in the Brazilian Gas Pipeline Transport Bolivia-Brazil (TBG) that transports Bolivian natural gas to São Paulo.

YPFB believes that by raising its 12% stake in the pipeline they could negotiate directly with natural gas distribution companies and the private industry.

Petrobras has stated that the sale of its stake in TBG is part of an agreement with CADE (Monopolies and Mergers Commission), in which it has to sell a series of assets. Still, according to Petrobras, the sale would protect the competitive conditions of the sector and encourage new entrants in the natural gas market. It is not yet clear how or when assets will be sold.

Source: Reuters

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