Volkswagen opens distribution center near the Port of Suape

Jul, 19, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Volkswagen announced the resumption of the partnership with the Port of Suape, Pernambuco, which has already received the first batch of 60 units of Taos coming from Argentina in its distribution center. As a result, the SUV will arrive at the customers’ garages faster with this logistics agreement.

The strategy is to explore the location of the port complex, which is within a radius of 800 kilometers from the major consumer centers in Brazil’s northeast, highlighted Ciro Possobom, COO of Volkswagen Brazil. He also emphasized that the agreement reduces logistics costs and CO2 emissions and provides faster service to the dealership network.

On the government side, the secretary of economic development, Geraldo Júlio, reinforces the consolidated port program as a vehicle hub. “In this case, the deal will be advantageous for companies in Brazil and abroad. They can use this distribution logistics for all regions and outside the country to operate services in a much shorter time,” concluded the government official.

In 2021, Suape saw a 20% increase in car imports and exports compared to the previous year. In terms of numbers, there were 47,847 units last year, vis-a-vis 39,922 in 2020.

Volkswagen’s operation in Pernambuco intends to move around 2,000 German vehicles yearly. Approximately 30 people will be involved, including stevedores, lashers, drivers, coordinators, and ship and ground agents.

When they disembark, the Volkswagen motor vehicles are first inspected and then transferred to an automaker’s distribution center located 15 km away from the port.

The port is located on the state’s southern coast, between two municipalities, Cabo de Santo Agostinho and Ipojuca. Just 40 kilometers away from Recife, Suape is connected to more than 160 ports on all continents.

Source: UOL

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