Vale triggers emergency protocol in Ouro Preto dam

Oct, 31, 2019 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

Week 201945

Today (10/31), Vale informed that it has preventively triggered the Level 1 emergency protocol of the Forquilha IV dam, located at Mina Fábrica, in Ouro Preto (MG). According to the National Mining Agency (ANM), the protocol does not require evacuation of the population downstream of the dam.

The decision is a precautionary measure, derived from Vale’s own assessment, and agreed on with external enforcement agencies, due to an anomaly identified at the dam during routine inspection. With the new facts observed, the expectation is that the structure’s Statement of Condition of Stability (DCE) becomes negative. The Forquilha IV dam has not received tailings since February this year.

According to Vale, the triggering of Level 1 of the Forquilha IV dam does not impact the 2019 production plan, and it is certain that the plan to resume production of approximately 50 Mt remains unchanged, as presented in Vale’s Performance Report of 3Q19, as it does not foresee the disposal of tailings in the structure in the coming years.

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