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Vale resumes cargo transport in Barão de Cocais

Jun, 06, 2019 Posted by datamarnews

Week 201924

This Thursday (6/6), Vale resumed freight train operations on the Belo Horizonte stretch of the Vitória-Minas Railroad (EFVM). The decision was made after an independent international consulting firm testified that any possible movement as a result of a slide in the northern slope of the Gongo Soco mine pit would not affect the railroad.

Freight transport was interrupted at EFVM between Sabará and Barão de Cocais (MG) on 19/5 because the train circulates in the vicinity of the Gongo Soco mine pit, where movements in the northern slope of the structure were recently identified.

The passenger train remains operating under special conditions. Those who leave Belo Horizonte station board a bus rented by Vale and are taken to Dois Irmãos Station in Barão de Cocais, where train traveling resumes. In the opposite direction (Vitoria-Belo Horizonte) passengers disembark from the train at Estação Dois Irmãos and continue by bus towards the final destination. The change began on 5/16 as a preventive measure.

The Vitoria-Minas Railroad runs through 51 municipalities. Iron ore, fuels, grains, steel, and others are transported via the railroad.

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