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Uruguay to exempt Paraguayan exports from port costs

Nov, 21, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Uruguay will exempt Paraguayan exports that leave the port of Montevideo from port costs, reported the newspaper El Observador on Monday (21).

The measure is part of a strategy deployed by the Uruguayan government to deepen relations with Paraguay, and to do so, an Uruguayan delegation will travel to Asuncion, the Paraguayan capital, to formalize the announcements.

The group will be formed by the undersecretary of Transportation, Juan José Olaizola, and by the president of the National Administration of Ports (ANP), Juan Curbelo. He will meet with authorities and private port operators.

The newspaper reported that the ANP decided to implement a total exemption from the anchorage fee levied on barges from Paraguay, which reach the Atlantic Ocean through the La Plata river.

“The exemption of the anchorage fee shows that we are convinced that the Uruguayan ports are the ones that naturally can serve as an outlet for Paraguayan cargo,” said the head of the ANP.

According to official data, practically 90% of containers with Paraguayan export goods leave through the port of Montevideo towards their final destination, being previously loaded at the origin and transiting through the waterway.

In the background of the Uruguayan decision is competition from Argentina, whose ports also want to receive export-bound Paraguayan cargo.

Source: Portugal Digital

To read the full original article, please go to: https://www.portugaldigital.com.br/uruguai-promete-isentar-exportacoes-paraguaias-de-custos-portuarios/

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