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Suape and CESAR begin developing a system to increase port operations efficiency

Oct, 13, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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The Suape Complex and CESAR (@inovacaocesar) have started studies on the development of a new technological system after signing a partnership last July. The platform built will be the basis for a Port Community System (PCS), a tool used in various docks around the world to improve the flow of data and the exchange of information between the various actors involved in port operations.

In recent days, CESAR’s development, design, and entrepreneurship teams visited the Suape control tower team for joint immersion work. The purpose of the meeting was to identify possible operation bottlenecks. In a later phase of the studies, products and solutions will be developed to automate critical processes to streamline port movements. These solutions cover topics that range from scheduling the arrival and departure of ships (line up) to operations, indicators, reports, and even billing.

After developing the solutions, Suape hopes to gain a simplified system, reducing rework and increasing reliability in operations. “With the elimination of bottlenecks, the efficiency gains will be enormous. We should start with the basics- with appointments. From there, we will evolve to the issue of operations, the interface with pilotage, the Navy, etc., all through automation”, explains Jaime Alheiros, CESAR’s innovation consultant.

“Another important aspect of PCS is the possibility of generating reports, such as the issue of cargo quantity for ANTAQ, port performance reports, and others. The new system should also facilitate billing, automatically calculating the variables present in the graphs, beginning and end of operations, volume handled, and berth occupancy”, adds Jaime.

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