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Suape aims for role as imported vehicles hub port

May, 02, 2021 Posted by Andrew Lorimer

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Pernambuco is becoming a centralized hub for vehicles imported by Brazil. On Thursday, April 29, Governor Paulo Câmara signed the protocol of intentions with Ascensus Group, a company specializing in multimodal logistics. Beginning in July, the company from Santa Catarina will use the port to import 6000 vehicles per month. The project will double Suape’s annual automobile handling. Suape currently occupies the leadership position in the North/Northeast. The proposal highlights the importance of integrating and consolidating the productive chain with the Pernambuco economy. The Secretary of Economic Development, Geraldo Julio; Federal Deputy Fernando Monteiro; and Suape’s CEO, Roberto Gusmão, all participated in the event.

“This is our goal, our objective, which is to transform Pernambuco into a great logistics hub able to meet demand from all over the Northeast. To this end, we are constantly working with a strategic perspective and encouraging the arrival of new companies and industries to diversify infrastructure. This will make the state more attractive for big investments”, highlighted Paulo Câmara.

Suape was chosen to receive the operation because it offers favorable conditions for logistics and infrastructure, tax incentives, and integration with the maritime modal, which facilitates distribution throughout Brazil. The port has three public yards for vehicle storage, which add up to 227,000 square meters of area and an annual capacity for 250,000 cars. Currently, Suape exports vehicles from automakers Fiat and Jeep and imports from GM, Toyota, and Nissan, totaling 39,922 units handled in 2020.

In the signed document, Ascensus is committed to developing the business unit by December this year. With the installation of the hub, Suape can receive all commercial modes –  import, export, and vehicle transshipment – optimizing the total capacity of the automotive sector in the complex. The port is also a national leader in coastal shipping.

The State Secretary for Economic Development, Geraldo Julio, highlighted that partnerships like this put Pernambuco on the map of global logistics strategies. “The automotive sector is very relevant in Pernambuco’s economic development plan, and it already has a leading role in our production and job-creation structure. We have implemented a segment hub in the state that employs more than 10,000 people, is increasing our industrial GDP, and is one of our largest exporters.

For Roberto Gusmão, Suape’s CEO, the prospect of new business has resulted in the attraction of large companies. “Our port has advantages that no other has, such as a privileged location, depth, and excellent structure. This allows us to be a hub for many types of cargo. We are already the largest distributor of liquid bulk in terms of fuel, and with this new operation, we are moving towards consolidating ourselves as a vehicle hub for the whole country,” he commented.

About Ascensus – Ascensus is a company based in Joinville, Santa Catarina, that has expertise in importing, distributing, and exporting products. It offers an infrastructure interconnected to transport modes that provide integrated logistical facilities.

About Suape – Founded 42 years ago on the southern coast of Pernambuco between the towns of Ipojuca and Cabo de Santos Agostinho, the Suape Industrial Port Complex is considered the anchor and locomotive of the state’s development, attracting large enterprises in its production chains. Located just 40 kilometers from Recife and covering a ​​13,500-hectare area, it is a complex made up of 150 companies, including those still being implemented. With its sizeable ​​ecological-preservation area that covers 59% of the territory, the company reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and combining economic development with environmental protection. In 2020, the port handled a total of 25.6 million tons of cargo, setting a new record and moving up to fourth place in ANTAQ’s ranking.


Source: Suape Port

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