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Study shows transshipment cargo accounts for 6.6% of Brazil’s total container cargo movement between Jan-May 2020

Jul, 07, 2020 Posted by datamarnews

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A recent study carried out by Datamar on the amount of cargo transported between hub ports (long haul) and ports with origin or destination in Brazil, shows that between January-May 2020, 6.6% of all containerized cargo at Brazilian ports was transhipped. This is equivalent to 134,000 TEU of the total of 2 million TEU handled. When considering long-haul cargo transhipped at a Brazilian port,  with the origin/destination as Plate (Argentina, Paraguay or Uruguay), the amount during the 5 months is 51,000 TEU going through Brazilian ports as hubs to connect to foreign ports.

Imports and exports

According to information from Datamar’s DataLiner maritime foreign trade database, of the 2 million TEU handled between January-May 2020 in Brazil, exports correspond to 1.1 million TEU and imports 900,000 TEU. Of these volumes, 8% of imports and 4% of exports were transhipped at some Brazilian port.

The following graph shows the participation of transshipment in Brazilian container cargo flow over the last five years:

Source: DataLiner

Participation by port

The data showed that Itaguaí is the port with the largest share in transshipment volume, mainly due to the volume with origin or destination in Manaus which accounts for 37% of the total.  This is followed by Suape with 14%, and then Rio de Janeiro and Santos, both with an 11% share.

Source: DataLiner

Santos is the port that shifts the most transshipped cargo in terms of volume, accounting for 68% of Brazil’s total. The main transshipment flow in Santos has as its origin or destination as Vitória Port.

The shipping line that carried out the most transshipment activities is Hamburg Sud, with 66,900 TEU in May, followed by MSC with 31,100 TEU, Maersk, with 14,400 TEU, CMA CGM with 10,000 TEU, Hapag with 7,800 TEU, ZIM with 2,000 TEU, and Log-In with 1,700 TEU.

When analyzing the volume transshipped by continent in May 2020, Asia was first with 55,400 TEU, followed by North America with 29,500 TEU, Europe with 26,400 TEU, South America with 18,600 TEU, Africa with 4,700 TEU, and Oceania with 500 TEU.

The graph below shows the monthly transshipment volume in the last 12 months:

Source: DataLiner (click here to order a DataLiner demo)


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