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S. Magalhães & Essemaga announce modernization and infrastructure investments with the expansion of a new REDEX terminal

Jun, 30, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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S.Magalhães & Essemaga continues to grow and invest in a modern and differentiated structure for its customers.

The company operates with its own structure throughout the entire logistics chain for import and export and is preparing to soon inaugurate another REDEX OEA terminal on the left bank of the port of Santos, in Guarujá.

The new terminal will double the REDEX area that S.Magalhães & Essemaga has at its customers’ disposal, allowing it to begin to offer service on both sides of the Port of Santos, a differential that serves the market even more efficiently.

The new terminal will be inaugurated with the capacity to move 30,000 containers per year and to serve around 150 bi-articulated vehicles per day of various types of cargo and movement to warehouses and/or containers, in addition to having 120 plugs for containers with refrigerated/frozen loads.

The services will be carried out using the same level of quality and standards recognized in operations at the Santos REDEX Terminal, in Alemoa, for services that follow the cross-docking model.

Possible expansions at the terminal are already being considered in the short term, seeing that a good area is preserved for cargo parking. In addition, investments in monitoring and modernization are frequent.

Among the technological investments, an application is under development that will help the internal terminal management system of S. Magalhães & Essemaga (GTSM), which aims to ensure the speed of information. With the platform, it is possible to carry out the warehouse’s operational processes through tablets, replacing paper and optimizing the process.

S. magalhães & Essemaga has been winning the trust of large companies in the segment for over 100 years”. It is the only one that operates all the logistical processes and retro ports with its own structure, REDEX OEA terminals, customs management, and highway fleet. It is important to emphasize that from order to delivery, the entire import and export process follows integrated planning, without outsourcing.

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