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SPA privatization could be ready for public consultation by September

Jul, 21, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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The privatization of the Santos Port Authority (SPA), the state-owned company that administers the Port of Santos, is practically ready to be modeled and should be published this semester for public consultation, said Minister of Infrastructure Tarcísio Freitas, in a live interview with Valor Econômico.

“We have already done the studies, we are in the closing phase. I understand that the model was very interesting. We just need another month of work, to debug. Maybe in September, we’ll put it up for public consultation. This will be large-scale privatization”, he said.

The federal government still plans to privatize the Companhia Docas do Espírito Santo (CODESA) before the port of Santos. It will be a “preview” of the process, according to him. The project, which will be a pioneer in the sector, should be sent to the TCU (federal audit court) soon, stated Freitas.

In the case of the Port of Santos, one of the issues being analyzed with special care is the railway access; it should be reworked heavily in the coming years to ensure that all of the railway network expansion investments do not end up bottlenecking at the port.

“There will be a heavy investment in the railway horseshoe curve that accesses to the port. A lot of time will be invested in how the terminals will be managed together with the railway operation.  We will also be managing the FIPS (Santos internal railroad) and studying what kind of management we will have – governance, what kind of tariff we will charge, etc.”, he said.

Source: Valor Econômico

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Privatization of the Port of Santos may go to consultation in September | Brazil | Economic Value (globo.com)

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