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SP Govt. launches project to build new highway to Port of Santos

Apr, 06, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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The Government of São Paulo plans to build a multimodal corridor to the Port of Santos. Called the Green Line, the new project will be an alternative for all national production flow.

The Public Interest Expression was published in the Official Gazette on March 25.

The SP State Secretariat for Logistics and Transport (SLT) will receive projects for a multimodal corridor on the Planalto / Baixada axis, which may include the construction of a railroad in addition to a highway.

The new logistics corridor will connect the Rodoanel beltway to the port’s left bank and Cônego Domênico Rangoni Highway.

The work is part of SLT’s plan to create a new logistics matrix that offers more efficient cargo and goods movement. “A large part of the national GDP passes through the Port of Santos, and this new logistical structure will bring an incalculable gain to the economy,” says João Octaviano Machado Neto, State Secretary for Logistics and Transport.

The implementation of this new logistics branch also creates additional access to the São Paulo coast. It can provide more efficient logistics platforms, provide an efficient route for the production flow, and improve traffic on the Anchieta / Imigrantes highways.  It can also reduce truck loading time, lower freight costs, connect with railroads that supply the state, and speed up the flow of container cargo.

“We want to create conditions for a faster and safer production flow. Our focus is the economic growth of São Paulo and the country”, concludes Octaviano.

The new highway will implement new technologies such as offsetting carbon dioxide emissions from the operation, vehicles with clean energy, lighting with solar energy, an intelligent monitoring system, and integration with the Control Center.

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