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South Korea allows duty-free beef imports

Jul, 27, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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In an effort to combat rising inflation, the government of South Korea announced several temporary measures to lower prices for staple food items, including beef. President Yoon Suk-Yeol declared that duties on 100,000 tonnes of imported beef would be eliminated beginning July 20 and continuing until the end of the year.

South Korean inflation is now at 6%, and the won has devalued against the US dollar. Weaker exchange rates and high fuel costs have resulted in price hikes and limited discretionary income as a significant importer of energy, raw materials, and staple commodities. The South Korean government’s initiatives are aimed at cutting prices and sustaining consumer confidence.

Australia currently faces a 16% tariff on exports to South Korea, while the United States pays 10.6%. The MLA said that other exporters, including the Mercosur trading bloc, pay a 40% tariff.

Korea was Australia’s second-largest beef export market in 2021, receiving 178,931 tonnes. In a year of declining Australian exports, exports to Korea grew by 5%, especially refrigerated products.

South Korea’s leading suppliers are the United States and Australia. The US exported 250,000 tonnes, about 53% of the total, while Australian imports accounted for 38%. The remainder consisted mainly of New Zealand, Canada, and Mexico. In addition, Uruguay exported 2,600 tonnes of fresh beef to South Korea in 2021.

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