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Secex 2018 export data distorted by MDIC foreign trade system

Feb, 05, 2019 Posted by datamarnews

Week 201905

Brazil’s SECEX foreign trade data system, which usually classifies export and import data by transport type (Maritime/Rail/Air etc.) has been significantly impacted by the implementation of the new foreign trade system being utilized by the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC). Since May 2017, the organ has been implementing the “Programa Portal Único de Comércio Exterior” (the Single Foreign Trade Portal) to reformulate the import, export, and customs transit procedures with an aim of improving efficiency and integrating foreign trade processes. The implementation of the Portal Único has happened in stages, and since July 2018 all exports have been processed through the new system.

Secex’s foreign trade classifications of transport types have suffered significant distortions for 2018 export data. MDIC’s data is received systematically through SERPRO, the Brazilian government’s federal service for data processing, and the type of transport information is not yet being supplied correctly to the new foreign trade system. The problem can be seen in the below graph where the mode of transport “Unknown” grows to significant amounts over recent months and highlights the recent drop in transport type classification:

MDIC are working to revert this situation. 

Secex exports statistics by via | M US$ FOB | 2018

wdt_ID MM-YY Aerial exports (M US$ FOB) Rail exports (M US$ FOB) River exports (M US$ FOB) Maritime exports (M US$ FOB) Own transport exports (M US$ FOB) Postal exports (M US$ FOB) Road exports (M US$ FOB) Unknown exports (M US$ FOB) Via undeclared exports (M US$ FOB)



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