Saudi Arabia suspends beef imports from Brazil due to ‘mad cow disease’

Sep, 14, 2021 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

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The two atypical cases of ‘mad cows disease’ registered in Brazil this month led Saudi Arabia to suspend beef exports from five Brazilian slaughterhouses. All establishments are located in Minas Gerais, where the disease was found in early September. An animal in Mato Grosso also received the same diagnosis.

The order for the suspension given by Saudi Arabia’s agricultural attaché in Riyadh, and took effect from September 6th. The measure is different from the one taken on September 4, when the Brazilian government voluntarily suspended beef exports to China, as determined by the countries’ bilateral trade protocol.

Regarding China, there is still no forecast when shipments will be restored. “Chinese authorities are evaluating the technical information sent by Brazil. There is no stipulated deadline,” the ministry replied.

The chart below shows the volume of beef exported by Brazil to China and Saudi Arabia since January 2018:

Brazilian Beef Export (HS 0202) to China and Saudi Arabia | Jan 2018 to Jul 2021 | WTMT

Source: DataLiner (To request a DataLiner demo click here)

Source: Valor Econômico

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