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São Francisco do Sul port to lease 2 port facilities

Dec, 18, 2020 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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On December 17, the Ministry of Infrastructure (MINFRA) published in the federal register the extract from the Competence Delegation Agreement which authorizes SCPar Porto do São Francisco do Sul (SC) to prepare the notices and procedures tenders for the lease of two port facilities: Berth 401 and the Graneleiro Terminal.

Ordinance No. 574 of 2018 allows MINFRA to transfer some of its competences to those ports that obtain a minimum score of 6.0 (six) in the Management Index of the Port Authority – IGAP. This indicator assesses the level of operational and administrative efficiency, maintenance of waterway access, investment budget execution, etc.

“This decentralization movement comes at a special moment, when the port sector gained 13 positions in the World Economic Forum’s competitiveness ranking, a scenario that corroborates the logic defended by the Ministry of Infrastructure that local authorities resume their management autonomy”, says Diogo Piloni, National Secretary for Ports and Water Transport.

Recently, in the Portos + Brasil 2020 Award, SCPar Porto do São Francisco do Sul reached 8.0 (eight) points in the index and met the other necessary requirements that allow it to develop the “Berth 401” and “Terminal” leasing processes. Together, the areas can attract investments of R$ 600 million to the port, providing the expansion of the handling and storage capacity of solid bulk, and reducing the operations time.

Until then, MINFRA had already delegated the same powers to the Paranaguá and Antonina Ports Administration (APPA), in Paraná, which this year reached 9.0 (nine) IGAP points.

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