Santa Catarina registers a 30% increase in pork and poultry exports

Mar, 12, 2019 Posted by datamarnews

Week 201912

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After a slow start to the year, Santa Catarina’s poultry exports reached 861,000 tons in February, while the state exported 27,900 tons of pork in the same period. The combined export revenue grew by 30% year-on-year, to US$206.6m, according to data analysed by the Socioeconomic and Agricultural Planning Center (CEPA). Of the total revenues earned, chicken exports generated US$154.2m.

According to the secretary of the Santa Catarina Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, the excellent performance is due to the superior sanitary standards adopted by the state.

The following DataLiner graph shows Santa Catarina’s total export and import trends from the state’s five ports combined (Imbituba, Itajaí, Itapoá, Navegantes, and São Francisco do Sul):

Although Brazil’s pork and chicken industry suffered a slower season last year, Santa Catarina saw the opposite. The state witnessed a 5.5% increase in chicken exports last year, according to DatamarNews.

One of the major ports in Santa Catarina, the Port of Imbituba, has closed the first two months of 2019 with a 15% increase in cargo handling, at 750,000 tons, approximately 100,000 tons more than the same period in 2018. The transport of containers, coke, corn, bituminous coal, and logs constitute 73% of all the cargoes handled by the port during this period.

CompCont data shows the port’s share of export, import, and cabotage activities for the last ten years:


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