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Rumo takes on new unloading operations at Paranaguá

Mar, 30, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

Week 202114

Since March 27, Rumo has taken over the unloading operations of the Rocha terminal at the Port of Paranaguá. The “Full Service” operation was built through an operational synergy with the companies Cotriguaçu and Rocha, whose objective is to provide greater fluidity in the railway operation with gains from the reduction in the number of maneuvers to the increased safety level within terminals.

For the project to become viable, Rumo hired 81 new employees and invested R$ 7.6 million in infrastructure works in the railway yard. The funds were invested in the construction of four new railway lines that began to integrate and make connections with the existing terminal lines. In addition to the work at the Rocha terminal, the company had already initiated maneuvers at the Cotriguaçu terminal in February. Together, the two terminals received approximately 6 million tons in 2020, which corresponds to about 30% of the volume of grain shipped through the export corridor.

In general numbers, the company forecasts an increase of more than 20% in railway unloading at the two terminals when compared to 2019. Potential gains include the reduction in the time needed to park and exit and a 48% reduction in wagon handling.

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