Rio Grande was the port to export the most soy in August

Sep, 14, 2021 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

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The Port of Rio Grande  was the port to export the most soybeans from Brazil in August 2021. In total, 2.141 million tons were exported in the month, up 2% compared to August 2020. In second place was the port of São Luiz, with 1.046 million tons shipped in the month.  Paranaguá exported 934,000 tons and Santos, 275,700 tons.

Brazil exported a total of 6.482 million tons in August. In 2021, the cumulative volume exported until August reached 72.692 million tons.


The port of Santos was the main responsible for soy meal exports in August 2021, shipping 766,800 tons of the by-product. The volume is 3% higher than that exported a year earlier. Paranaguá  was in second place, with 497,900 tons – down 9% – and Rio Grande was third, with 141,300 tons, up 16%.

Brazil exported 1.616 million tons of bran in the month. In the same period last year, it reached 1.412 million tons.

Source: Rural Channel

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