Poultry farmers linked to Lucas do Rio Verde’s BRF decide to stop for better prices

Jun, 08, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

Week 202125

The chicken producers in Lucas do Rio Verde (MT)  integrated with BRF (BRFS3) decided in a meeting to stop housing chicks for fattening and slaughter beginning next Monday, amid claims for price adjustments due to the increased costs.

With an increase in the operating expenses of the farms, such as fuel and electricity, the integrated producers are requesting an increase of 10% to 12% in the price paid for the animals, Reuters learned from Pablo Artifon, executive director of APPA (the association of animal protein producers), and coordinator of the CADEC municipal commission responsible for negotiations between the productive sector and the company.

According to him, the costs that are weighing more are operational costs, since feed is provided by BRF.

Source: Money Times

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