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Port of Santos truckers to increase freight service costs

Jun, 22, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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After Petrobras increased the price of a liter of diesel supplied to distributors by 14.26% last Saturday, directors of associations and presidents of cooperatives will come up with a readjustment index applied to the cost of the labor of truckers in the Port of Santos at the beginning of July.

The decision was taken after a meeting held on the afternoon of the 21st at the headquarters of Sindicam. This union represents autonomous truckers that transport goods throughout the Santos region and Vale do Ribeira.

“We are talking about the people from […] Santos that have cooperatives. Now, they will do the math and develop a readjustment index that will be passed on to shipowners, freighters, and so on,” said the institution’s president Luciano Santos de Carvalho.

The official referred to the workers who transport empty containers from the central port yard to the back area and vice versa.

“We are expecting further increases ahead. It is difficult to estimate the percentage of readjustment to customers now. For this reason, we will wait about ten days before taking a position.”


Carvalho explained that some truck drivers are not in cooperatives and associations, especially those who travel intercity and interstate.

As a result, Sindicam makes itself available for debate to find the best path forward. “We are aware that workers are dissatisfied. We heard rumors that they intend to cross arms, although many have stopped working due to the steady increase in diesel prices.”

Source: A Tribuna

To read the full original article, please go to: https://www.atribuna.com.br/noticias/portomar/caminhoneiros-autonomos-do-porto-de-santos-irao-subir-preco-do-transporte

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