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Port of Imbituba resumes steel handling

May, 30, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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The Port of Imbituba is receiving the ship HG SINGAPORE, which is importing approximately 33,000 tons of steel coils and bars from China. The operation meets the high demand for steel products in the domestic market and is a solution for continuing port service in the middle of the grain harvest, with lines of ships for mooring that can last 30 days. The last time Imbituba received steel coils was in 2019 and rebars in 2016.

The operation is taking place in the 5 holds of the ship, which has a Liberian flag and is 190 meters long. About 85% of the load is made up of galvanized steel coils and noble and flat steel. The rest is made up of steel bars and plates used mainly in the automobile industry.

Steel products have an important entry market in Brazil through the port structure of Santa Catarina. “We have a Port that is available, is not full, and has a low waiting time for mooring, which has become a differential in attracting this cargo,” highlights Fábio Riera, CEO of SCPAR Porto de Imbituba.

The graph below shows data on Brazilian imports of cast iron per quarter from 2019:

Brazilian Imports of Cast Iron (Cap. 73) | by Quarter Jan 2019 to Mar 2021 | WTMT


Graph source: DataLiner (click here to request a demo)

The unloading is taking place jointly by the ILP and Simetria Logística operators, and Wilson Sons is acting as shipping agent. According to the director of Symmetry, Antônio Carlos Bandeira Guimarães Neto, “a joint solution was studied between the operators so that the ship could be received in Imbituba, creating a favorable condition for the port to be able to begin importing steel products.”

The cargo arriving at Imbituba will supply more than 30 customers from industries in the southern region, in addition to São Paulo, the main recipient of the merchandise and a large consumer market in Brazil. The batches vary from 50 to 6000 tons per customer. With the heated steel market and the availability of berthing, using Port of Imbituba guarantees companies will receive their cargo faster.

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