Mexico opens its market for Brazilian pork

Nov, 16, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture (Mapa) announced on Monday, November 14, that Mexico opened its market for Brazilian pork. Such a decision lays the conditions necessary to boost bilateral trade between the two Latin American countries.

The Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) celebrated the announcement made by the Mexican Service of Health, Safety, and Food Quality (SENASICA), the government body responsible for controlling the production, import, and export of food items in the country.

The opening authorizes the export of pork meat from slaughterhouses based in Santa Catarina, the only region in Brazil free of foot-and-mouth disease, according to the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) at the time the authorization procedures began to take place.

Brazil now gained access to 48 new markets for agricultural products in 2022. Since 2019, this number has jumped to 234 open markets.

For the president of ABPA, Ricardo Santin, this relationship is a great achievement for the animal protein export sector. “Mexico has traditionally been one of the top three global destinations for pork exports, with volumes approaching 1 million tonnes. We’re talking about 10% of global trade. The market opening is the result of measures implemented by the Mexican government to control inflation, as well as actions taken by Mapa and the Brazilian MRE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to increase international access to our protein. In this context, Brazil reaffirms its support for nations’ food security and food supply,” said Santin.

ABPA’s director of markets, Luís Rua, makes it clear that Brazilian exports must complement Mexican pork production, avoiding any competition with Mexican processors.

Source: Globo Rural

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