Marfrig to supply McDonlad's hamburger patty

Marfrig negotiating supply of hamburgers to McDonald’s

Apr, 10, 2019 Posted by datamarnews

Week 201916

Brazil’s second largest food processor, Marfrig, is in the advanced stage of negotiations to becoming McDonald’s largest hamburger supplier in Brazil, according to Valor. Its competitor, JBS SA has been the sole supplier of hamburgers to the fast food company since 2017.

McDonald’s has 970 outlets in Brazil with a monthly consumption rate of 3,000 tons of hamburgers, representing a contract of more than R$450m a year. With the purchase of a BRF plant in Várzea Grande at the beginning of the year for R$100m, Marfrig is structuring itself to meet 70% of this demand, Valor said.

For the first time since 2010, the world’s second largest meatpacker, Marfrig Global Foods SA, recorded a net profit in the final quarter of 2018, of R$2.2bn, according to DatamarNews.

Meanwhile, Brazilian Minerva Foods, has received regulatory approval to conduct an initial public offering, or IPO, on the Chilean Stock Exchange. Minerva Foods intends to sell up to 33% of Athena Foods, which was responsible for 40% of Minerva’s sales in 2018, earning the company R$6.9bn in revenues.

The following DataLiner graph shows BRF, JBS and Marfrig’s all commodity export trends in TEU for the last ten years:


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