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March soy exports set new record

Apr, 05, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

Week 202114

Data released by the Economy Ministry indicates that Brazilian soy exports grew 24.59% in March in comparison with March 2020, reaching 13.49 million tons, the highest volume ever recorded for the month of March. In 2021, the month of March had 23 working days, one more than in 2020 when shipments totaled 10.85 million tons.
March was also the first month of the current harvest with greater exports than the previous harvest. The crop harvest was delayed, postponing exports. Export revenue reached US$ 5.35 billion in March, compared to US$ 3.74 billion in March 2020. The average price per ton increased by 15.15%, to US$ 397.1 per ton.
See the graph below showing the history of Brazilian soy exports since 2016:
Exports of Brazilian Soy (HS 1201) | Jan 2016 – Feb 2021 | WTMT
Source: Valor Econômico

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