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Manaus Port expansion arrives at Antaq

Aug, 09, 2019 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

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According to Estadão, the National Agency for Water Transport (Antaq) must decide on a project to expand the Manaus Port Terminal through the privately owned company SuperTerminais.

The Manaus Port expansion  has been the subject of legal dispute since 2009, with its competitor, Porto Chibatão, which is also a concessionaire to operate the port. Movements in court have also been preventing the issue from entering the agenda of Antaq’s board meetings since 2014.

Last month, the Union, through the National Secretary of Ports and Waterway Transportation, Diogo Piloni, forwarded a letter to the Ministry of Infrastructure expressing the Union’s interest in joining the process, since the movement in court would be impacting the functional autonomy of the Regulatory Agency and directly affecting SuperTerminais’s growth of capacity and handling.

The two port operators occupy neighboring lands on the Negro River. Together, they account for almost all the cargo movement of about 550 companies using the Amazon port. The SuperTerminais project foresees the installation of a floating pier and the expansion of the storage yard, with investments of R$150m. SuperTerminais claims that, with the embargo, the company has already accumulated losses of about US$30m and was forced to dismiss more than 140 employees. Sought for, Porto Chibatão did not manifest until the closing of the note.

Source: Estadão

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