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Macaé Port Terminal receives environmental license to kickstart works

Oct, 17, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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The Macaé Port Terminal (TEPOR) received, on October 11, an installation license issued by the Rio de Janeiro state Environmental Control Commission (CECA in Portuguese). The project received unanimous approval, which ensured the start of building works on the port, a crucial step for the municipality, which is going from the “National Petroleum Capital” to the “National Energy Capital.”

In the license are included the techniques and methods that will be applied throughout the planning and execution of the works, including pre-tests, commissions, operation, maintenance, and eventual decommissioning. This license gives TEPOR the green light to initiate works as soon as the financing contracts are signed.

On November 11, 2019, the port had already obtained its Preliminary License, which approved the environmental studies and preventive measures to be adopted in the implementation of the project.

The Macaé Port Terminal will enclose terminals for receiving oil and gas from the Campos and Santos Basins platforms. After treatment, it will send these products for distribution throughout Brazil or export, generating foreign exchange and taxes to the country.

The process – The TEPOR project – Macaé Port Terminal has gone through ups and downs in recent years. Several public hearings were held to discuss the importance of building a port in the region with society. The project ran into government bureaucracy and some associations against its construction, alleging that the port would compromise the quality of life and/or the environment in Macaé.

In 2013, an Environmental Impact Study was conducted, which led to a Preliminary License in 2016 signed by then-governor Francisco Dornelles, who recognized the public importance of building the port terminal and performing all associated works in the São José do Barreto neighborhood, supplying the platforms and inputs necessary to meet the rising demands from the oil and gas industry chain, a sector of the economy that functions as a driving force national development.

Source: O Dia

To read the full original article, please go to: https://odia.ig.com.br/macae/2022/10/6505588-licenca-ambiental-aprovada-obras-do-tepor-macae-comecarao-em-breve.html

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