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Klabin performs largest pulp shipment in its history

Nov, 27, 2019 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

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Klabin, the largest producer and exporter of packaging paper in Brazil, made the largest shipment of pulp in its history in a single ship last week. A cargo of 46,000 tons of the product was shipped in the Port of Paranaguá over four days (Thursday to Sunday), being the largest batch of pulp ever exported by the company in one single shipment.

The vessel was destined for Qingdao Port, China, with a productivity of 19,000 tons per day in its loading. The company was able to optimize the shipment, recording an excellent operating income with strong integration of the entire port community and our operators. There were about 1,500 truck trips in an operation that happened 24 hours a day. As this shipping volume exceeds the current draft capacity of some terminal berths, it was necessary to perform work on two berths to complete the cargo.

“The result of this operation makes us very proud, as it represents the consistent evolution since the beginning of our pulp operations, as well as showing the operational potential of Paranaguá. It is important to note that with the construction of our new warehouse, rented during the auction held in August, we will be able to make our operation fully vertical, which is not the case today, as we operate our Logistics Unit 5 km from the terminal. The space will bring long-term operational guarantees, optimizing the rail connection of the mills directly to the Port and will support the hybrid operation of pulp in bales and paper rolls,” celebrates Gerson Ferreira, Klabin’s International Logistics coordinator.

“We are equally optimistic about the actions coordinated by the port authority along with the port captaincy, which have been making efforts to contemplate improvements to the Port’s maritime infrastructure, such as dredging berth draft and improved navigability and mooring. These are management projects and actions that will allow us to achieve even higher levels of logistics productivity. In our simulations, shipments of this size in the future will be made with a 20% increase in productivity,” says Sandro Ávila, Director of Operational Planning, Logistics, and Supplies.

Klabin’s new port warehouse in the Port of Paranaguá

In August, Klabin won the port auction guaranteeing access to an area of 27,530 m2 for 25 years, which could be extended for another 45 years. The planned investments at the site are around R$130m, with operations scheduled to begin in 2022.

Last week, the company was approved and is expected to sign the contract by the end of this year. In parallel, the company develops the project and the process for the release of the installation license with the State Government.

In addition to faster shipment, the new warehouse, located at a strategic point in the port of Paranaguá, will allow Klabin to optimize its insertion in the global pulp and paper markets, resulting in greater efficiency throughout its production disposal process.

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