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Gov’t plans to sign MRS railroad renewal on July 29

Jul, 14, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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After the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) gave its permission, the Ministry of Infrastructure plans to sign the railroad renewal contract with MRS Logística for another 30 years. The company manages more than 1,600 kilometers of train tracks in Brazil’s southeast. The signing of the amendment deal will take place in the city of Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais.

According to the company, almost 20% of what is exported by Brazil and a third of all cargo transported by trains in the country involve MRS tracks. By extending the contract period, the company, which owned the concession in 1996, will be able to continue in this position until 2056.

MRS train trucks transport cargo such as containers, steel, cement, bauxite, agricultural commodities, oil coke, coal, and iron ore.

Other companies were granted the early renewal of their contracts in other railroads, such as Malha Paulista, operated by Rumo.

More than R$ 11 billion will be redirected to investments after MRS secures the time amendment provided for in the railroad contract.

Source: Money Times

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