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Ecorodovias wins auction for BR-153 highway in Tocantins & Goiás states

May, 02, 2021 Posted by Andrew Lorimer

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On Thursday, April 29, the Ecorodovias group purchased the 850.7 km stretch of the BR-153/TO/GO and BR-080/414/GO highways between the municipalities of Anápolis (GO) and Aliança do Tocantins (TO). During the auction held at B3’s headquarters in São Paulo, the company offered a grant of R$ 320 million to the federal government. The group also offered a discount of 16.25% over the ceiling value of the tariff, set at R$ 0.12200 per kilometer.

In total, the value of the grant offered by Ecorodovias is R$1.280 billion. However, 75% of the amount – equivalent to R$ 960 million – is destined for the linked account used for the works in Tocantins.

Empresa de Planejamento e Logística (EPL) performed the studies that enabled the highway auction. The contract stipulates that the highway will receive investments of R$ 14 billion over the 35 years. To develop the methodology, EPL relied on the advice of the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

The project also provides for innovations such as a 5% discount on tolls for users who choose the electronic collection system, discounts for frequent users, and differentiation of the toll value between single-lane and double-lane sections.

During the ground-breaking ceremony, the Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas, stressed that the new model would attract investors.

“EPL is known for making better and better models. (…) (The Company) is preparing a series of auctions that are successful because they do a good job on the models”.

EPL’s CEO, Arthur Lima, celebrated the result and pointed out that this is the first time the federal government used the hybrid model for a highway auction.

“The pioneering work by EPL makes project financing safer and more competitive.  The next highway auctions will also use this model, which proved to be on the right track today”.

BR-153/TO/GO is considered one of the main links between the central-northern and southern regions. The project foresees more than 600 kilometers of duplication, 27 kilometers of additional lanes, and 89 kilometers of marginal roads. Several works are also planned that will improve the highway’s service level.

For private investments to be carried out, nine toll plazas in the following cities will be necessary: Aliança, TO; Figueirópolis, TO; Talismã, GO; Santa Tereza de Goiás, GO; Uruaçu, GO; São Luiz do Norte, GO; Jaraguá, GO; Barro Alto, GO; and Planalmira, GO.

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