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Datamar launches DataLiner Chile

Jul, 01, 2019 Posted by datamarnews

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Datamar, the lead data provider in the maritime sector of the entire East Coast of South America, has added with its main product, DataLiner, data from the Chilean market. Until now, DataLiner contained information only from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

DataLiner contains data and information that allows all imports and exports by sea from the East Coast of South America to have more detailed information about the ship, port, shipowner, exporter and importer, as well as shipped volumes. All the information comes directly from cargo manifests received by Datamar through reliable long-term partnerships with ocean carriers.

DataLiner Chile

DataLiner Chile will be provided to customers on a monthly basis. The data will have the same quality and punctuality as Datamar’s other products, with its reputation built in the last 22 years.

On July 1st, data for April will be made available. In its beginning, Datamar has used customs data as DataLiner Chile’s main source, delivering data with a two-month delay. They expect to reduce this delay in the next few months (customs data has a fixed 30-day day interval due to the release date).

For other markets, where the data source is the manifestos sent by the shipowners, Datamar recently managed to reduce this timelag to just 18 days. The objective is to continue working to reduce this delay further.

DataLiner Chile will be provided to customers through dashboards, as shown below:

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