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CONAB forcasts record chicken and pork exports in 2021

Nov, 27, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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Brazilian exports of poultry and pork should hit new records in 2021. According to an estimate by CONAB (the national supply company), chicken meat exports may reach 4.46 million tons. Even with the record shipments, the internal availability of the product will also increase, going from 10.6 million tons to 10.9 million tons – a growth of 3%. From January to October this year, Brazil has already exported around 3.75 million tons of poultry meat. The information is included in the AgroConab bulletin and was released on the 26th.

The chart below shows a history of Brazilian pork and chicken exports from 2019 onwards. Data are from DataLiner:

Brazilian Exports of Pork and Chicken (HS 0203 and 0207) | Jan 2019 to Sept 2021 Qtr. | WTMT

Source: DataLiner (click here to request a demo)

The greater offer of chicken meat on the market is accompanied by a 4.5% increase in production, reaching 15.3 million tons (when compared to 2020). As a result, the amount of chicken meat available for domestic consumption in 2021 is also the highest ever recorded, exceeding 50 kilos per inhabitant.

The scenario for pork is similar. With an estimated herd of close to 42 million heads, both production and exports tend to reach the highest levels ever recorded, at around 4.45 million tons and 1.24 million tons, respectively. The greater volume of meat produced reflects the increase in the availability of this type of meat on the market, which guarantees the internal supply and maintains the amount of product per inhabitant stable, close to 15 kilos per person.

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