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China may look at ways to shorten GMO approval deadlines

Nov, 24, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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China may look at ways to speed up the approval of new transgenic products in the country, said Wu Kongming, chairman of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and of the National Biosafety Committee (NBC) of Agriculture GMOs of China.

During the participation in the 1st Brazil-China Forum on Biotechnology, Agriculture, and Sustainability held on November 23rd, he said: “We can see the possibility of shortening the approval period, but this is a technical issue.” The executive pointed out that the country’s legislation requires that before requesting a Chinese certificate for a transgenic product, the authorization of this good must be completed in the country of origin.

The statement was given after the president of CTNBio (then national technical commission on biosafety), Paulo Barroso, stated on the same panel that he feels a lack of synchrony in the approval of products in different parts of the world.

“For the products to be mass-produced, the main markets must have approved them and be able to receive them”, he said, noting that the current process increases costs, as it creates a need for evaluation in several countries around the world. “This results in less possibility of an impact of Brazilian science on agriculture.”

His suggestion was the creation of bilateral or multilateral agreements that establish “fast tracks”, or more agile means of approval. “Products and technologies from countries that are part of these agreements would have priority in the evaluation process. The independence of each assessment body would be maintained and would be able to place the products on the market quickly if safety is proven.”

The Chinese executive stated that as there is great convergence between the Asian giant and Brazil in the field of biotechnology, interaction can be done through diplomatic means. “I suggest that representatives and authorities approach the respective embassy to discuss the agenda and topics of interest such as the development of genetically modified products, their authorization, and the marketing of these products,” he said. “For our part, we are at your disposal.”

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