Chicken meat exports are up 4.6% in 2021

Jun, 10, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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Brazilian chicken meat exports (all products, including fresh and processed) totaled 414,300 tons in May, 3.7% more than the total shipped in the same period in 2020 when 399,400 tons were registered. The data are from ABPA (the Brazilian animal protein association).

Foreign exchange revenue from exports in the fifth month of 2021 reached US$ 656.3 million, 20.1% higher than in May last year, with US$ 546.3 million.

In the year-to-date result (January to May), exports reached 1.846 million tons,  4.6% more than in the previous year, with 1.764 million tons. In revenue, the accumulated high is 4.8% more than last year, with US$ 2.826 billion in 2021, against US$ 2.697 billion in the previous year.

The busiest import market in 2021 were the Philippines, importing 61,900 tons (+65.3%), Russia, with 42,800 tons (+33.6%), the United Kingdom, with 41,700 tons (+41.4%), and Chile with 39,700 tons (+152.9%).

The main exporting state, Paraná, shipped 737,100 tons in the first five months of this year, 6.5% more than in the same period last year. In second place, Santa Catarina exported 399,900 tons (-5.47%). In third place, Rio Grande do Sul shipped 287,800 tons (+2.31%).

“The good pace of chicken meat sales to the international market has helped to balance the pressure generated by production costs on companies that have access to exports, which represent around 70% of the plants under federal inspection. Importing nations continue with strong demand, and the Brazilian product has remained competitive abroad, even though it is supplied by expensive grains”, analyzes Ricardo Santin, president of ABPA.

Pig meat -. Also, according to the ABPA, Brazilian pork exports (including all products, fresh and processed) totaled 102,000 tons in May, 0.3% lower than shipped in the same month of 2020, with 102,400 tons.

Revenue in May reached US$ 253.2 million, 11.1% more than May 2020, with sales of US$ 227.9 million.

Year to date (January to May) international pork sales from Brazil reached 453,900 tons, 18.44% more than that shipped in the same period last year, with 383,200 tons. The accumulated export revenue for the year reached US$ 1.079 billion,  22.9% higher than the US$ 878.3 million reached in 2020.

Among the main importers of the Brazilian product between January and May this year, China stood out, importing 238,700 tons (+29% compared to the same period last year); Chile, with 25,500 tons (+94%); Uruguay, with 17,500 tons (+12.2%); Argentina, with 12,200 tons (+63.4%); and Vietnam, with 9,400 tons (+27.4%).

Santa Catarina continues as the largest exporter of pork in Brazil, with 227,600 tons exported between January and May (+14.7% compared to the previous year). Next is Rio Grande do Sul, with 123,300 tons (+31.27%), and Paraná, with 59,300 tons (+13.34%).

“Asian markets continue to be the main trend indicators for Brazilian pork sales. However, we have observed a significant increase in importing nations in South America among the ten largest importers, which is highly positive for the sector, especially from a logistical perspective. Following the example of the poultry sector, the strengthening of international sales helps reduce the impact of higher costs on Brazilian production”, assesses Luís Rua, director of markets at ABPA.

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