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Brazil’s second corn crop boosts activities at Paranagua sorting yard

Aug, 05, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

Week 202231

As Brazil’s second corn crop harvest progresses, the arrival of these grains at the Port of Paranagua grows accordingly. In the state of Paraná, 57% of the crop area has already been harvested.

In July this year, approximately 45,000 trucks passed through the Port of Paranaguá’s sorting yard. In 2021, 33,994 trucks went through the same process in July.

This week, the peak of trucks entering the yard reached an average of 1,500 trucks/day. It was 2,000 trucks in 24 hours on the busiest day this month.

Grains of corn was the highlight cargo this month. There were 246 thousand tonnes compared to 30 thousand tonnes in July 2021.

“We hope to continue with a steady activity; we still have other cargoes transiting here with tremendous impetus. For example, fertilizers are still arriving with great force, in addition to the yields of this corn harvest and bran that follows a regular pace here. So we hope we will complete the quarter with the same movement level or a minor fluctuation up or down from the same period last year,” says Luiz Fernando Garcia, CEO of Portos do Paraná.


From January to July this year, the volume of corn surpassed the total volume reached in the same period last year, reaching the mark of 2.147 million tonnes.

For example, in 2021, 622 thousand tonnes arrived at the ports of Paraná.

July throughput

The Ports of Paraná closed July with almost 5.5 million tonnes handled, in the best month of 2022 so far. In the first seven months of the year, more than 34 million tonnes were handled.

The port capacity is expected to increase with the completion of the new grain hopper that, through an investment of BRL 500 million, will absorb the volume brought in by trains.

With this, the expectation is to expand the unloading capacity from 550 to 900 wagons per day, enhancing the performance of the third modal used by Portos do Paraná in their operations.

Source: Canal Rural

To read the full original article, please go to: https://www.canalrural.com.br/noticias/economia/nova-safra-de-milho-movimenta-patio-de-triagem-do-porto-de-paranagua/

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