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Brazilian coffee exports down 9.4% in January

Feb, 10, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

Week 202106

A report released on February 9th by CECAFE (the council of Brazilian coffee exporters) points out that Brazil exported 3.1 million bags of green, instant, and roasted & ground coffee in January. This volume is 9.4% lower than the same month last year. The foreign exchange revenue generated from January shipments was US$ 404.13 million, equivalent to R$2.2 billion reais. The average price of a bag of coffee was US$ 128.41.

Arabica coffee represented 84.2% of the total volume of coffee exported in January, with 2.6 million bags shipped. Instant coffee represented 8.1% of the month’s shipments, with 254,000 bags exported. Robusta coffee represented the remaining 7.7%, equivalent to 241,500 bags exported.

The following table shows coffee volume by type exported during the month of January for the last 5 years:


wdt_ID Mês Robusta Arábica Total Café Verde Torrado & Moído Solúvel Total Café Industrializado

Source: CECAFE


The following graph shows the coffee volume by type exported during the last 12 months:


Source: CECAFÉ


Top destinations

The main destination for Brazilian coffee in January this year was the United States, which imported 692,400 bags of coffee (22% of the total volume exported). In second place was Germany, receiving 532,000 bags (16.9% of exports). Following close behind are Belgium, exporting 261,400 bags (8.3%); Italy, with 195,500 bags (6.2%); Japan, with 150,000 bags (4.8%); Colombia, with 113,000 bags (3.6%); Russian Federation, with 106,000 bags (3.4%); Turkey, with 97,300 bags (3.1%); France, with 84,600 bags (2.7%); and Canada, with 75,300 bags (2.4%).

Of these main Brazilian coffee destinations, Colombia and Belgium stood out for registering a growth of 237% and 56.4%, respectively, compared to the volume exported to these countries in January 2019. The United States also registered an increase compared to the first month of 2020, of 8.9%, and France increased its coffee imports by 7.9%.

Concerning exports by continent, groups, and economic blocs: shipments to North American countries stood out in the month, registering an increase of 4.6% (798,300 bags), South America was up 59% (170,500 bags), Central America was up 40% (14,400 bags) and for producing countries, growth of 51.3% was registered (199,400 bags). Exports of green coffee to producing countries registered an increase of 117.4%, with 161,500 bags shipped.

2020/21 Crop Year 

In the first seven months of the 2020/21 Crop Year (July ’20 – Jan. ’21), Brazil exported 27.8 million bags of coffee, an increase of 17.2% over the same comparative base of the previous harvest and the highest volume shipped for the period in the last five years. Arabica and Robusta coffees recorded a 19.1% growth in export volume, with 22.5 million bags and 3 million bags shipped, respectively.

Foreign exchange revenue from exports for the period to date was US$ 3.4 billion, an increase of 14.3% for July ’20 – Jan. ‘21, which, converted into reais, reached R$ 118.5 billion, up 51.5%. The average price was US$ 123.78.


In January this year, the Port of Santos took the lead for coffee shipments with a 77.4% share (shipping 2.4 million bags). The ports of Rio de Janeiro were in second place, with a 17.3% share (shipping 544,500 bags).

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