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Sep, 12, 2020 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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According to data from the Brazilian Council of Coffee Exporters (Cecafé), the country exported 3.3 million bags of green, instant, and roasted & ground coffee in August this year, 3.3% less than the same month last year. In terms of revenue, the value increased to US$ 386.6 million, equivalent to R$ 2.1 billion, which represents an increase of 25.2% in reais compared to August 2019.

In August, 76.6% of the total exported volume was arabica coffee, equivalent to 2.5 million bags; 14.5% was Conilon coffee (robusta), or 472,200 bags shipped; and 8.9% of the shipment was instant coffee, the equivalent of 289,700 bags.

Year to Date 2020

The total coffee exported in the calendar year (January to August 2020) was 26.4 million bags, and was the second-largest volume shipped for the period in the last five years. The foreign exchange revenue generated from exports from January to August was US$ 3.4 billion.

Among the coffee shipped in the calendar year, robusta coffee stands out for its 12.9% increase in exports when compared to the volume exported from January to August 2019. This variety of coffee made up 11.6% of the total exports for January to August 2020 (equivalent to 3 million bags shipped), while arabica coffee represented 78.3% of shipments (20.6 million bags) and instant coffee, 10.1% (2.7 million bags).

The following chart shows monthly Brazilian coffee exports since January 2017:

Brazilian Coffee Exports (HS 0901) | Jan 2017 to July 2020 | TEU

Source: DataLiner (To request a DataLiner demo click here)

Main Destinations

In the period from January to August 2020, Brazil exported coffee to 120 countries. The top five Brazilian coffee destinations from January to August were: The United States, which imported 4.9 million bags of coffee (18.5% of the total shipped in the period); Germany, with 4.5 million bags imported (17%); Italy, with 2 million bags (7.6%); Belgium, with 2 million bags (7.3%); and Japan, with 1.3 million bags (5.1%). Additional countries include: Turkey, with 863,900 bags (3.3%); the Russian Federation, with 849,500 bags (3.2%); Mexico, with 649,300 bags (2.5%); Spain, with 634,700 bags (2.4%); and Canada, with 562,000 bags (2.1%).

Among the main destinations, the Russian Federation and Mexico showed an increase in purchases of Brazilian coffee in the period, respectively, 20% and 19.3%. There was also an increase in shipments to Germany (1%), Belgium (4.8%), Turkey (7.2%), and Spain (5.3%).

Among the continents and economic blocks, exports to South America increased by 27.7%; exports to Africa increased by 51.9%; exports to Central America increased by 99.6%; exports to the other BRICS countries increased by 15.8%; and exports to Eastern Europe increased by 15.8%.


The Port of Santos continues to lead coffee exports in 2020, exporting 79.2% of the total volume (equivalent to 20.9 million bags). In second place is the port of Rio de Janeiro, exporting 13.4% of the total volume (3.5 million bags).

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