Brazil sees a trade surplus of USD 39.63 up to the fourth week of July

Jul, 25, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

Week 202230

In Brazil, the trade balance has built a surplus of US$ 39.63 billion year to date, encompassing data from January to the fourth week of July, down 7.5 percent on a daily basis compared to the same time in 2021. In turn, the trade flow rose 25%, reaching US$ 336.75 billion, as exports grew 20.6% to US$ 188.19 billion, and imports increased 31.2% and totaled US$ $148.56 billion. The data were released this Monday (07/25) by the Foreign Trade Secretariat (Secex) of the Ministry of Economy.

In July, until the month’s fourth week, the surplus was US$ 5.32 billion, decreasing 0.9% in the daily average compared to July last year. Trade flow increased 34.9%, reaching US$ 42.81 billion. Exports, up 29.7%, reached US$ 24.07 billion, while imports grew 42.2% and totaled US$ 18.75 billion.

In the fourth week alone, the trade balance from Brazil recorded a surplus of US$ 1.688 billion, and the trade flow was US$ 12.787 billion, reflecting exports worth US$ 7.238 billion and imports worth US$ 5.549 billion.

Monthly exports

Agricultural sales increased 47.8% in the month, totaling US$ 5.40 billion. Performance was driven by growth in shipments of unground corn, except sweet corn (+185.6%), unroasted coffee (+74.6%), and soybeans (+35.2%).

Exports from the extractive industry grew 6%, reaching US$ 5.72 billion. The products that increased their sales the most were crude minerals (+121%), copper ores and their concentrates (+15.3%), and crude petroleum or bituminous mineral oils (+113.4%).

Shipments of products from the processing industry increased 36.8% in the month up to the fourth week, reaching US$ 12.89 billion. Sugars and molasses (+46.6%); fuel oils from petroleum or bituminous minerals, excluding crude oils (+129.4%); and pig iron, spiegel, sponge iron, granules, and powder of iron or steel and iron-alloys (+78.1%) were the commodities that had the most significant impact on the sector’s success.

July imports

On the import side, Secex registered an increase of 4.3% in purchases of agricultural goods, which reached US$ 346.63 million. Inputs of unmilled wheat and rye grew (+39.2%). Imports of unmilled corn, except sweet corn, grew +74.8%, and non-oleaginous fruits and nuts, fresh or dried (+23.2%).

As for products from the extractive industry, landings increased 24.8% in July, reaching US$ 1.05 billion by the fourth week. The largest increases were seen in the purchases of crude fertilizers, except for fertilizers (+172%), coal, including in the powder form but not agglomerated (+145.2%), and crude petroleum or bituminous mineral oils (+13.6 %).

In the processing industry, monthly imports rose by 44.8%, reaching US$ 17.19 billion by the fourth week of July. The biggest increases were among the entries of petroleum fuel oils or bituminous minerals, except crude oils (+134.3%), chemical fertilizers or manure, except crude ones (+179.6%), and insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, disinfectants and the like (+127.3%).

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