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Brazil exports 1,517,696 tons of papayas per year

Sep, 12, 2022 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

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Brazil is the second largest papaya producer in the world and it is using air freight to send the fruit to other countries. Papaya is typical of subtropical or tropical regions. This is one of the reasons why the fruit is so well known and sold in Brazil. There are more than 52 types of papaya present around the world today. The Carica papaya variety, the famous papaya, is the most cultivated worldwide.

The way papaya was found to be exported with less damage was by air. Air freight represents more than 90% of papaya exports,  due to the fragility of the fruit, according to Cepea.

According to the FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization), more than 6.8 million tons of the fruit are produced in the world. Brazil is the second world producer of papaya, with a production of 1,517,696 t/year, placing it among the main exporting countries, mainly for the European market.

The country is second only to the United States currently in terms of fruit production.

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