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BNDES begins the process of privatizing Codesa

Mar, 13, 2019 Posted by datamarnews

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The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) has started the process of privatizing the Espírito Santo Port Authority (Codesa). Codesa is the first federal port administration organ to be included in the government’s Investment Partnership Programme (PPI). BNDES has opened the licitation process to hire technical consultants to carry out studies and advise on the privatization process. The licitation notice is available on BNDES website in Portuguese.

Bidding will take place from 11 am on April 2 via the federal government’s Purchase Portal (Portal de Compras). Codesa is responsible for the ports of Vitória, Vila Velha, and Barra do Riacho in Aracruz, as well as port facilities at Praia Mole.

The newly elected Bolsonaro government is pushing for privatization of port entities and areas. Recently, calls to privatize the Port of Santos by the São Paulo state governor, João Doria, and the broader Bolsonaro government, have caused concerns for port sector entities.


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