Black Friday could break cabotage record, according to Aliança

Nov, 24, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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Aliança, from the Danish group A.P. Moller – Maersk, hopes to break a new record in coastal shipping with the transport of domestic cargo destined for Black Friday promotions.

Last year, Aliança had already registered a cabotage record when the Sebastião Cabato ship left the Manaus Free Zone port, carrying around 23,000 tons of domestic cargo. This year, the Monte Sarmiento, the largest container ship operating in Brazil, joined the Black Friday task force.


Thousands of containers are loaded on the company’s ships in Manaus (AM) and shipped throughout the country. The vessels leave the Amazonian capital and connect to the Port of Pecém (CE), and then leave for the Port of Santos (SP). Part of the cargo remains in Pecém to meet the demands of the Northeast, and the rest of the cargo leaves for São Paulo. Santos also serves as a distribution center for the southern region. The ship can also sail down to the Port of Itapoá (SC) to distribute cargo.

According to Aliança, the volume of electronic products shipped from Manaus in the fourth quarter of last year totaled more than 4,000 shipped containers, compared to 1,750 two years earlier.

Source: Bloomberg Line

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