Argentina lemon exports break records

Jun, 30, 2020 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

Week 202030

In May 2020, Argentian lemon exports broke the record for the highest volume shipped in a single month, at 5,500 TEU. The previous record was 5,244 TEUs, reached in June 2017. The lemon export season begins in April, ends in August, and peaks in June. Thus, May results could be surpassed by another record-breaking amount in June 2020.

Furthermore, Argentinian lemon exports in April 2020 totaled 2,130 TEU, marking the largest amount exported in April in the last 12 years. These numbers combined with the exports in May point to one of the best lemon exporting seasons in Argentina’s history.

Argentina is the second-largest lemon exporter in the world after Spain. Argentina exports primarily to Europe, however, Luis Basterra, the Argentinian minister of agriculture, has now confirmed that Argentina will begin exporting lemons to China, which opened its lemon market in December of 2019.  Argentinian exporters must meet the requirements set by China to be able to export to the Asian country. All of their lemons must be stocked at low temperatures in order to prevent fruit flies infesting shipments. This is an added precaution due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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