Argentina customs to supervise companies that import under precautionary measures

Aug, 03, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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The director general of the Argentine Customs, Guillermo Michel, said that the governmental agency initiated an inspection of 500 companies that imported goods at the official dollar quotation through precautionary measures.

The director explained that this court action entails “massive examination so that enterprises have to defend what they did with the items imported for which they claimed urgency.”

These actions can lead to “the cancellation of the registration of foreign trade agents if enterprises cannot explain the activity,” according to the source.

“Customs decided to take such an action after carrying out a systemic control, to detect inconsistencies among importers, both in terms of economic capacity and in real need to import a given merchandise,” added Michel.

What should they declare?

In this way, the companies involved must justify within ten days what they did with the goods for which they invoked urgency of importation with judicial approval.

In addition, companies must submit documentation relating to the commercial operation, property transfers, details of currency transfers, and the destination given to the goods.

They must also explain whether the product is in stock or has been sold; and, in the latter case, inform the value of sales in the domestic market and the commercial level of the participants.

This rule provides warnings, suspension of up to two years, and total removal from the register of importers and exporters.

Source: Portal Portuário

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