ANTAQ to conduct a survey amongst container shipping lines in Brazil

Apr, 07, 2021 Posted by Neeharika Khaitan

Week 202114

ANTAQ is to conduct a survey with the main container shipping companies operating in Brazil. It aims to help gain subsidies for the execution of the study “International Experience in the Regulation of Fees and Surcharges for the Maritime Transport of Containers”, included in ANTAQ`s Multiannual Studies Agenda for 2021 / 2024.

The survey will be carried out in the first half of April 2021 with questions related to the clarity of the rules and values ​​for charging fees and surcharges, focusing on the means used by the carriers to make the information available to all those interested in transportation – shippers, consignees, endorsers or bearers of the bill of lading.

Normative Resolution-ANTAQ No. 18/2017 determines the obligation of maritime transporters and intermediary agents to provide correct, clear, precise, and complete information, in particular, to give prior knowledge of all services, operations, or availability to be contracted by users, including the specification of the applicable values ​​of prices, freight, taxes and surcharge.

The study will contribute to the development of the theme “Improving transparency in the collection of extra freight and surcharges for maritime transport” of ANTAQ`s 2020/2021 regulatory agenda.



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